Fostering a lifelong love for music through Montessori-inspired instrument education

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Specialize learning the violin for children aged 4 to 12 and get a head start in world of music mastery.

person playing guitar
person playing guitar
Piano Lessons
Guitar Lessons

Learn to play the piano while learning about core music principles that will last a lifetime.

Discover the joy of playing the guitar and develop your fine motor skills.

Violin Lessons
selective focus photography of piano keys
selective focus photography of piano keys
person playing violin
person playing violin
black and white piano
black and white piano

Montessori School Testimonials

"Ellie is extremely passionate about her work with young children... she continually seeks to understand Montessori theory and practice. In observing her interactions with the children in our primary community, she is patient, observant, and consistent with her lessons. In turn, the children adore Ellie and look forward to their weekly music lessons."

Kavitha Mehta

Founder & Head of School

"Ellie has been immensely helpful in giving my son the preparation he needed to start viola in the middle school orchestra. He was a beginner in the spring, and by the fall, he was able to confidently join the orchestra containing many children who had been playing their instruments for several years already..." Julie Jennings

Parent Testimonials

"You are an exceptional music educator--not just because of the progress our daughter has made on the violin, but also because of the ways that you motivate her to keep learning. Sometimes she will say, "I want to practice and learn this to impress Ellie." She finds you fun and funny, and the way you teach her makes her want to do well and come back, even though learning the violin is difficult and humbling for her. At age 9, she is already conscious of how different teaching methods impact her love of learning. She learns best from people who encourage her, who respect her intelligence, and who help her navigate her own imperfection. You do all this for her with kindness. And you make her feel at ease in her learning. Every week I ask, how did it go, and the answer is always, "It was fun."

I asked her what strategy she enjoys and she said she loves the dice game!" ~Anonymous

"Thank you so much for everything. My 5yr old daugther really enjoyed the piano and raved about her classes." ~Anonymous
" My 3 yr old son absolutely loved learning the piano and Ellie's fun approach to learning." ~Anonymous
" My 4 yr old son is obsessed with learning the guitar and Ellie's classes helped him love the learning process. An added bonus for him was getting to play with his friends every week!." ~Anonymous

About The Founder

At Music Beginnings, we believe in providing a strong musical foundation that will inspire a lifelong passion for music. Ellie Barasa is a dedicated life-long musician with over 15 years of experience teaching, performing, and cultivating music appreciation in young people. Using a Montessori-inspired music approach, she nurtures creativity and fosters an appreciation for the beauty of music with all her students.

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